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Special Loot

To access this area you need the map (you get it with some monsters).
You will need a map every time you want to access this area.
Recommended reset: 50

Upon entering you will need:
the diabolic imp will give you fiery hearts.
get 5000 fiery heart.
then go with the npc "guard".

Npc "Guard"
the npc "Guard" is located down the stairs and to the south
say hi

You can check the special loot of monsters in monster loot wiki

    1 - Fader
      Reset: (530)
      Lv: 51847

    2 - Sense
      Reset: (458)
      Lv: 31146

    3 - Villano
      Reset: (447)
      Lv: 40934

    4 - Kenpachi Zaraki
      Reset: (412)
      Lv: 38056

    5 - Knight Death
      Reset: (351)
      Lv: 30466