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Server Rules

1. You are not allowed to sell anything from Exkordium for real money.

2. The server is not responsible for items lost when you are red skull.
Although if there was an incident where the red skull player was cheated, we will intervene.

3. Do not take advantage of any bug, if you find one report it immediately.
If you decide to exploit bug that will result to immediate character deletion.

The staff can delete, ban, do whatever they want with your account and your
submitted information. (Including exposing and logging your IP).

  • Do you agree to follow the server rules?

  •     1 - Fader
          Reset: (522)
          Lv: 25609

        2 - Sense
          Reset: (458)
          Lv: 31146

        3 - Villano
          Reset: (447)
          Lv: 40934

        4 - Kenpachi Zaraki
          Reset: (412)
          Lv: 38056

        5 - Knight Death
          Reset: (351)
          Lv: 30466